What is EasyCatalog?

EasyCatalog is a complete data-driven publishing solution, allowing users to create content automatically within InDesign from product information contained within a database or spreadsheet.

EasyCatalog includes powerful tools to assist in the management of your catalogue workflow e.g. highlighting missing images; alerts for updated content etc.

EasyCatalog is installed as an InDesign plugin using a separate installer.

How EasyCatalog works

EasyCatalog creates content by combining your product data source with a standard product layout – similar to mail merging a letter.

EasyCatalog includes powerful tools to assist you in creating well-designed layouts that can easily be repeated to create hundreds of catalogue pages within a matter of minutes.

A typical spreadsheet of product data can be used to create a catalogue layout as shown.

Product data

Data is arranged within EasyCatalog to support the desired catalogue layouts:

Layout templates

Reusable templates are created, allowing content to be repeated for each product or range:

Once the solution has been created, a typical 300 page catalogue version can be created in around 30 minutes, including contents pages and indexes.