EasyCatalog Software Sales

Catalog Automation is an official reseller of EasyCatalog. We are able to organise the supply and installation of EasyCatalog software.

EasyCatalog is purchased as an initial license with the option of adding software maintenance to cater for future upgrades to Adobe Creative Cloud. (Upgrading Adobe Creative Cloud, e.g. from CC 2015 to CC 2017 requires an upgrade license to be purchased).

Module name Module description Single user license
(AUD, inc GST)
EasyCatalog Base Module Minimum software requirement for a manually paginated solution using a CSV or Excel file source. $2,268
EasyCatalog Pagination Module Typically purchased in conjunction with the base module, the pagination module allows you to automate the creation of catalogue pages. $1,046
EasyCatalog ODBC Data Provider Adds the ability to source content directly from your existing product database, e.g. Microsoft Access; Filemaker Pro; web based CMS (providing external connections to database are available); or other publishing database. $347
EasyCatalog XML Data Provider Adds the ability to source content directly from an XML file – either an existing file already created as part of your product management workflow; or a file exported specifically for the purpose of automating a catalogue. $871
EasyCatalog Relational Module Adds the ability to create a relational data structure inside EasyCatalog using one or more data sources (e.g. CSV, XML, ODBC sources – provided the relevant data provider modules are also purchased) by using a primary key – e.g. SKU – to link the sources together. $871
EasyCatalog Scripting Module Adds the ability to process JavaScript, Applescript (Mac) or Visual Basic (Windows) scripts to further automate the catalog creation workflow through the creation of menus and mini-applications to run inside InDesign. (Note: Software purchase does not include custom scripts.) $871


  • Prices shown are for supply only of software components as specified.
  • Additional services such as installation, solution design, customisation and training will be quoted separately.
  • Prices shown are based on an indicative AUD-USD foreign exchange rate of 0.63 and are provided for information only. The exact price will be confirmed at the time of order based on the current AUD-USD foreign exchange rate.
  • Errors & omissions excepted.
  • Software license keys are provided once payment in full has been received.