Case Study: Westlab


The client

Based in Victoria, Westlab is a supplier of science and laboratory equipment and consumables to schools, universities, research laboratories across Australia.

The challenge

  • The existing catalogue was produced manually in InDesign by an external party.
  • Product information was inconsistent between the company’s detailed website and the catalogue.
  • The index had to be created manually with cross references checked separately.
  • A new catalogue was required to support Westlab’s growing North American market

The solution

Working with the Westlab team, Catalog Automation devised a solution comprising simple EasyCatalog libraries and a data panel sourcing data from an the same business database as the website.

The benefits

  • A typical catalogue can now be run out in minutes.
  • Pricing updates can be directly updated on the finished catalogue page.
  • The catalogue index can be created automatically using existing data.
  • The North American catalogue has been created with minimal additional effort.

The numbers

Catalogue size Between 100 and 500 pages
Number of product records Between 1,000 and 2,000
Versions 2 versions created simultaneously
Catalog Automation consulting days to achieve solution Under 5 days
Time to create single catalogue Under 1/2 day

(Numbers have been generalised to protect commercial in confidence business information)