Catalogue Consulting

Catalog Automation can save you money and improve your time to market by reviewing your end-to-end catalogue production process.

Our catalogue consulting services can be provided separate to any workflow automation. We can help better inform your internal teams and ensure that are in control of your catalogue production process.

Consider the following questions – we can help demystify your catalogue design and production to ensure you have an industry leading solution.

Information Management

  • Are you repeating processes or entering the same information more than once?
  • Do you regularly make mistakes as a result of re-entering information into different systems?
  • Do you rely on a manual system for storing product images?

Catalogue Production

  • Are you manually placing images and text on the page in InDesign?
  • Are you copying Excel tables and pasting in to InDesign?
  • Does your proofing slow down the process and/or confuse and frustrate various stakeholders?

Catalogue Cost Modelling

  • Is your catalogue budgeting process granular enough for your needs?
  • Are you able to effectively control costs as new editions or special events are incorporated?
  • Do you know the effect of increasing/reducing your volume by 10%?

Catalogue Printing

  • Do you know how much each copy is costing you?
  • If you sent your files earlier would it save you money?
  • Have you considered printing in South East Asia for your more costly annual/bi-annual editions?