We’ve produced this reference page to help you to get started producing data-driven catalogs using EasyCatalog – the popular plugin for Adobe InDesign®.

What EasyCatalog produces

EasyCatalog helps you create great looking catalog pages automatically within Adobe InDesign®, usually in a fraction of the time it would take to manually create the pages.

Catalog Automation has helped to create thousands of automated catalog pages for a wide range of customers:

Where to start

We’ve produced a handy “Getting Started” guide to walk you through the process of  setup your first automated pages.

We’re here to help

Catalog Automation is a business focussed solely on the automatic creation of catalogs, pricelists, directories and other product related output.

We’ve produced a detailed Knowledge Base which includes hundreds of pages of useful information including information management best practices, help with common Adobe InDesign issues, and lots of detailed information about how to use EasyCatalog (from beginners to very advanced users).

We’ve also created an easy-to-use product information management solution which has been designed to integrate easily with EasyCatalog. Check out Producty™ here.

What do I need?

To create automated catalog pages with EasyCatalog you will need:

  • Adobe InDesign®
  • EasyCatalog (a trial or full version)
  • Product data
  • Product images and drawings
  • An idea of your proposed catalogue layout
  • A graphic designer/operator to create the pages within InDesign/EasyCatalog (or Catalog Automation can do this for you)