EasyCatalog Training

A key component of Catalog Automation’s EasyCatalog solution is to tailor a training package for your designers, product managers & production staff. This can be delivered either on-site or via the web.

Typically, the following subject matter is explained in detail and supported by the creation of sample catalogue content.

Module 1 – Data and Data Panels

What is relational data?

Types of data for use within EasyCatalog

Create a sample CSV data file

Loading sample CSV data file

Using data multiple ways

Working with a subset of data

Creating and editing custom fields

Sourcing data from the document

Module 2 – Document Setup

Efficiency with content and changes

Managing large projects

Module 3 – Easy Catalog Libraries & Master Pages

Creating repeatable content

Different ways to repeat content

Conditional inclusion of content

Module 4 – Creating content using EasyCatalog

Pagination of library items

Pagination performance

Using EasyCatalog to aid production process