EasyCatalog: The ultimate guide

There’s no need to be scared of your first EasyCatalog project!

We’ve produced this reference page to tell you what you need to know to get started producing data-driven catalogues, and how to get on with producing your first catalogue.

What EasyCatalog produces

EasyCatalog helps you create great looking catalogue pages automatically within Adobe InDesign, usually in a fraction of the time it would take to manually create the pages.

Here’s how we’ve helped Australian companies to better present their product information:

What do I need?

To create automated catalogue pages with EasyCatalog you will need:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • EasyCatalog (trial or full version)
  • Product data
  • Product images and drawings
  • An idea of your proposed catalogue layout
  • A graphic designer/operator to create the pages within InDesign/EasyCatalog

What problems might I encounter?

It’s too hard to get started

We’ve produced a handy “Getting Started” pack to guide you to setup your first automated pages. Email us if you’d like a copy.

The EasyCatalog interface is a bit scary

Once you know where the key bits of EasyCatalog are you’re on your way.

I’m a designer not a boffin

EasyCatalog gives you lots of easy-to-use tools and functionality to use within InDesign.

How do I know which software modules I need?

Take your time to work through your data and your catalogue requirements. Download and use the free 30 day trial.