Introducing 5 steps to catalog success™

Catalog Automation has worked with numerous manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers to improve their end-to-end catalog production workflow. Benefits have been realised across design, production and printing – while saving customers thousands of dollars and weeks of elapsed time.

As a result of creating thousands of catalog pages, Catalog Automation has developed the structured 5 steps to catalog success™ process to automate the creation of catalogs, price lists and brochures.

5 steps to catalog success™

1. Source Your Product Data

Spreadsheet or export from ERP/web site/business database
Data may be manually created from existing catalog PDFs

2. Organise Your Catalog Data

Manage your catalog and products using our web-based solution
Add/edit/delete products and product attributes

3. Design Layout Templates

Choose from grid or flow layouts
Select one of our existing layout template options or create one to suit

4. Publish Your Catalog

Pages are created automatically
Product information (e.g. pricing) may be updated as required

5. Add Enhanced Content

Increase usability for your customers by adding:


—Cross references

—On-page navigation

—Colour theming

Our automated solution makes it easy to refine templates throughout the project and to add, edit or delete products and product information throughout the production cycle.

Catalog Automation typically focuses on automating catalogs more than 30 pages in length or where smaller catalogs are created regularly.

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