Automotive parts catalogs – spare parts, consumables & accessories

Creating catalogs for automotive products – including spare parts, consumables and related products – can be a time consuming and costly exercise, especially when automotive product ranges can easily comprise 10,000 products or more.
Automating your catalog will transform your catalog production – increasing the quality of your catalog while at the same time reducing time, cost and errors.
Catalogs for automotive products – and related automotive and small-engine ranges – are well suited to automation given the complexity of the products involved.
An automated catalog solution for automotive products will comprise a product data source and a series of pre-designed layout templates. Catalog pages are then created automatically by merging the data with the templates to quickly create a catalog, including cross-references, indexes and image placement.

Key features

  • Structured layout aids easy product reference
  • Product attributes may be shown to enhance user experience
  • Multiple product prices may be shown and updated automatically
  • Category summary images are shown instead of individual product images

Design challenges

  • Product ranges are often very large
  • Product attributes for engine parts are very different from those for oils & grease
  • Numerous products share many similar (or identical) attributes
  • Products are often not visually attractive
  • Application information relating specific parts to specific vehicles is difficult to setup and maintain

Product management for automotive parts catalogs

Automotive parts catalogs typically comprise hundreds (if not thousands) of products, with different product attributes associated with each product range.

Managing this product information can be challenging, especially if you’re using a spreadsheet or ERP software.

Catalog Automation has developed its own purpose-built product information management platform – known as Producty™.

Producty™ allows you to manage your products using a drag-and-drop tree, and to easily add formatted text and product attributes.

Learn more about Producty™

Benefits of automating your fastener catalog

Layout Templates

The sample page shown below includes elements typically found in an automotive parts catalog. Your catalog can be tailored to your specific design & product requirements based on this design, or you may choose to use one of the other templates in our library as a starting point.

Template library

Catalog templates include single column (full page), two column and three column layouts. Designs may be fixed to a particular size (i.e. a grid-based layout) or be sized according to the content (i.e. a flow-based layout).

Enhance your fastener catalogs with these features

View our other catalog layouts

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